Prepaid Burners

Prepaid Burners

Our current selection of pre-paid Burners are the following:

  • Picture Burner - 50 minutes and 100 texts, auto-burns in 30 days 


You must use credits to purchase Prepaid Burners, and the credits cannot be applied to your subscription. 

iOS users:

Prepaid Burners are meant to be temporary and will burn after 30 days. If you're not a subscriber, Prepaid Burners can be kept active by upgrading to a subscription or if you already have a subscription, you may also need to upgrade to a bigger subscription package in order to keep all of the numbers active. 

Here's more on our Subscription Plans & Pricing.

Android Users:

The selection as stated above is the same for our Android users with one exception. Android users are able to extend their prepaid Burner by purchasing credits to extend the lifespan of their Burners. 

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