Subscription Plans & Pricing

Subscription Pricing

Our subscription plans come in two subscription package types. You can get a subscription that auto-renews on a monthly or yearly basis and has unlimited calls/texts/pictures. We always have trails and promotions associated with accounts. Therefore, pricing may vary depending on the promotion we may be running at this time. 

We know this may be a bit vague, but for the most up-to-date pricing, check out the app when creating an account. Don't worry though, you will not be charged until you decide to pick a plan, after you've seen the pricing. 

For our most discounted rate on our 1 line only plan ($4.99 Monthly or $3.99 Yearly). You can make a purchase here. Just tap the Get Burner option at the top right!

Types of Plans

iOS Users:

  • 1 Line Monthly/Yearly
  • 3 Lines Monthly/Yearly
  • 10 Lines Monthly/Yearly

We also offer 15, 25, 50, 75, and 100 lines monthly and yearly plans. For any of these, just send us a message at and we'll send you the direct purchase link from the app store. 

Android Users:

  • 1 Line Monthly/Yearly
  • 3 Lines Monthly/Yearly
  • 10 Lines Monthly/Yearly

10 Lines is the highest we currently offer to our Android users. If you have a request for something higher, send us a message at and we'll let our team know. 

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