Burner Customer Support Center

Burner Cellular Data (iOS Beta)

Digital eSIM that allows you to activate a cellular data plan.

10 articles

Burner Premium (iOS)

Upgrade your Burner to include Video, Number Lookup, and Voicemail transcription.

7 articles

Getting Started

Everything you need to know to get the most out of Burner's smart phone numbers

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Managing your Burner Numbers

Creating numbers, burning numbers, or general Burner maintenance.

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Verified Numbers

FAQ's on your Verified Number Subscription (Non-Burner)

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Calling FAQ's

Questions regarding general calls, such as how to call out.

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Texting FAQ's

All you need to know about texting! For example, how to text or delete a message.

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How Burner works to protect your privacy, identity, and personal information

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Payments & Pricing

Questions regarding payments, subscription pricing, and refunds.

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Settings and Features

Make your Burner work for you with the app's settings and features

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Answers to any other questions you can think of

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