Web App FAQs

Web App FAQs

How do I log in?

To log into the web app, go to app.burnerapp.com and enter your Account Number (main cell phone number) and tap  Next. You'll get a verification code sent to that phone number, which you'll need to enter underneath where it says "Enter verification code." Then check the box agreeing to our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy and click  Next. Then you'll be logged into your account.  

What's the difference between purchasing Burner subscriptions on the web vs. the app store?

By purchasing a subscription through our web app instead of either the App Store or the Play Store, we become the payment processor instead of Apple or Google. This means it's a bit easier for us to access information about your subscription. 

Other than some slight differences in the ways you can upgrade or downgrade a subscription, web app subscriptions are identical to subscriptions purchased through an app store.

Can I make calls from the web app or desktop?

No, you cannot make or receive calls from your desktop. The way Burner works is that we forward calls from your Burner number to your account number, so you can only use Burner on a phone device that has a cellular data connection.  

Can I send text messages from the web app or desktop?

No, you cannot send or receive texts from your desktop. Texts only operate within the Burner app and they require a device with a cellular data connection.

Can I buy credits from the web app?

Credits are only available to be purchased as an in-app purchase, so you have to download the app for either Android or iOS and sign in with your account phone number to purchase credits. Credits can be used to either create a new Burner or extend an existing Burner number.

How do I cancel?

You can cancel your web app subscription at any time by going to app.burnerapp.com and logging in with your Account Number and the auto-generated verification code. On the main Account page, you should see the option to "Cancel Subscription" outlined in orange. Just click it, then confirm you want to cancel by clicking "Yes, cancel."
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