Auto-reply to Texts

Auto-reply to Texts

Are you busy? Stuck in a meeting? Out on vacation? No problem. With Burner, you can set an auto-reply to text messages so that people who text you while you're out know exactly when you'll be able to return their message.

You can set a text auto-reply message for each of your Burners.

To activate it, navigate to the settings of the Burner by tapping the gear icon at the bottom right of the home screen.

How to use auto-reply to texts

Find "Auto-reply to texts" under ADVANCED SETTINGS, and tap the toggle to activate it.

Burner puts a default message in the field for you, but you can tap in there and write your own message if you want. Once you leave that page, your auto-responder will start sending out! 

Evernote Connection auto-responses

If you need more nuanced auto-responses, consider using the Evernote Connection to create a smart auto-responder instead. Note: You cannot use both the Evernote Connection and auto-reply to texts at the same time, only one of the two.

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