Custom Voicemail Greeting

Custom Voicemail Greetings

By default, your voicemail greeting is a standard voiceover asking the recipient to leave a message. However, each individual Burner has the ability to record and set its own voicemail greetings. Burner voicemails are completely separate from your device's regular voicemail, so callers will never hear your personal voicemail. 

iOS Users:

To create a customer Voicemail, select the 'Gear' in the bottom right to see Settings. Then, select 'Number Settings'. Select the Burner number for the voicemail you'd like to change. Then, scoll down until you see 'Voicemail Greeting' and select 'Edit', so that you can now add your own Custom Greeting - or stick to the Default Greeting!

Android Users:

  1. Tap on the All Numbers option at the top left, then choose the Burner number you want to create a customer greeting for. 

  2. Tap the Settings icon at the bottom right.

  3. Scroll down to Voicemail Greeting.

  4. Choose 'Custom Greeting'.

  5. Tap Record to start recording. Once you're done, tap Stop.

  6. Finally, tap on Save at the top right.

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