Custom Voicemail Greeting

Custom Voicemail Greeting

To customize your voicemail greeting:

1. From the home screen, choose your Burner and tap the gear icon. 
2. Find "Voicemail Greeting" and tap "Edit" 
3. Tap "Custom," then "Record" to begin recording your own personalized greeting. Make sure to tap the "Save" button in the top left corner to save your custom voicemail! 


Listen to Your Voicemails

Voicemails show up on your home screen, organized in tabs by Burner name, and in the conversation stream by contact.
Tap on the event to access the conversation. From here you can tap the play button to listen to your new voicemail. Note how "Missed Call" is also noted in its own event bubble. All activity is recorded in the conversation as bubbles.

Save Voicemail

If you wish to backup, save, or store voicemails, check out what you can do with Burner + Dropbox, Google Drive, or SoundCloud on the Connections page.

Delete Voicemail

You can delete voicemails (indeed, any event) from your conversation stream by:

1. (On the messaging screen) Pressing and holding the voicemail, then tapping delete.
2. (On the home screen) Swipe left to delete the whole conversation.  Note that this will delete all messaging history for that contact!

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