Text Messaging (SMS and MMS)

Text and picture messaging (SMS and MMS) work similar to how they do on a smartphone you already have.

Sending a Text

Once you've installed the app, to send a text, simply tap the message icon at the bottom right of the screen (the second one from the left).

If you have more than one Burner line, the app may prompt you to choose which line to send your text from.  

Then you will need to choose which Burner you are going to send your text from

You'll then be presented with the New Message screen. 

From here you can choose one recipient by typing their number or choosing a contact, then type your message and hit "Send" when you're ready.

Burner uses alternating colors and alignment like your normal messaging app, so that your texts are easy to read

Sending Photos & Gifs

As you can see in the screenshots above, Burner supports picture messaging (MMS) as well as gifs.

Videos are not supported at this time.

Deleting Text Messages

You can delete text messages individually or in bulk.

To delete an entire conversation, tap the 3 dotted lines in the top right hand corner of the screen and then click on 'Delete Conversation'

To delete a single message, tap and hold your finger down on the message. From there, you can delete the message or copy it. 

Bulk deletes can be accomplished with shortcuts from the Inbox. Learn more about shortcuts.

Archiving Your Texts

We unfortunately don't have any way to export or save conversation history. The best way to archive that info is to screenshot any important information.

Texting with Burner & your Phone Bill

Text messages will not be deducted from your phone plan since they are sent using data.

Learn more about how Burner shows up on your phone bill.

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