Creating A Burner

Creating A Burner

Make new numbers for every situation! To create a new Burner, follow these steps:

Step 1

Tap Manage from the Main Menu, then tap + Create Burner

Step 2

Choose your Burner type! 
You can get unlimited calls, texts, and pics by tapping "Subscribe" and upgrading to an auto-renewing subscription. Learn more about Starting and Managing a Subscription.

Otherwise, tap the button next to the type of Prepaid Burner you wish to create. We have different numbers to choose from depending on your needs, such as the Picture Burner, Standard Burner, Text-only Burner, etc.

Note: Australians will see only the option for a "Text Only Burner," and then only with US or Canadian phone numbers. Sorry, but for right now additional Burner types and numbers are not available in Australia.

Don't have enough credits for a new Prepaid line? The app will prompt you to buy more credits if you don't have enough for the Burner you choose. Learn how to buy more Credits.

Step 3

Enter a name and area code for the Burner number you want. Tap "Find numbers." 

Step 4

Choose a number!
Keep in mind:
  • The app will display 10 choices in your area code, unless we do not have 10 available.
  • If we're out of stock for numbers in your area code, numbers from area codes nearby will be displayed instead. New numbers are released daily.
When you're ready, tap the number you wish to claim as your own. 
Note: If a pop up says "Oops, cannot create phone number," that means someone purchased it before you (this rarely occurs, but it does occasionally happens—our purchases process in real-time). 

Step 5

You're all set!

"Burner created ✓" will show briefly, and the app will take you to your new Burner’s Details screen.
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