Burner Premium - Video Messaging

If you are a Burner Premium user (iOS only), you now have the ability to send and receive video messages! First, be sure you make the upgrade from your Standard Burner to the Burner Premium upgrade. To send a video, simply follow the steps below:

Selecting or Recording a Video

  1. Open your Burner app and start by opening an existing message thread or starting a new text. in this case, we'll start a new message!

  2. Next, tap on the + icon at the bottom left of the screen.

  3. Lastly, if you want to send your video as a Low/High Quality video!

Video FAQ's

  1. Why is the video quality so low?
    1. Videos are sent via MMS and if the receiver is using an iPhone, the quality will be limited due to Apple limitations. If the user receiving a video is on Android or any other non-Apple device, the quality should be preserved.
  2. My video said "Failed to Send", what can I do?
    1. If your video fails to send, this means your video may have exceeded the file size/limit that we currently support and you may need to crop some time off your video or send it as a high quality link instead.
  3. What's the maximum time I can record a video for with low quality?
    1. The time limit depends on the actual size of the video. The size limit is currently 600kbps. If you need something larger, try sending it as a high quality link instead.
  4. What's a high quality link?
    1. When sending videos using a link, we use a hosting platforms to enable users to sending a larger high quality video as a link. When a recipient taps the link, the video will open on as a url/webpage. Where as, low quality is sent via MMS.

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