How We Protect Your Real Number

How We Protect Your Real Phone Number

We protect your privacy by forwarding calls on your Burner through you to your main cell number. That way, your real phone number—increasingly used as a primary identifier and security tool online—is never exposed to people, companies, or risks you aren't comfortable with. The person on the other end only sees your Burner number on the caller ID, a number which can't be easily traced back to your real number.

Making a Call

When making a call with Burner, the app redirects the call through your Burner line so the recipient only sees your Burner number—your personal number stays private. This is why it looks like you are calling your Burner when you dial out.

Receiving a Call

When you receive a call to your Burner line, it will show up on your phone just like any other call. If you have notifications turned on, you'll also get a notification to let you know it's your Burner that's ringing. When you answer the call, you'll hear “Press 1 to accept this call,” which prevents callers from hitting your main cell voicemail.


You can create text messages from within the Burner app. The texts appear to the recipient just like they would a normal text message. Only your Burner number is shown to the recipient. Burner numbers act as real phone numbers. Therefore, if messages are deleted, they will only be deleted for you and not for the recipient. 

We never sell or share your personal information with third parties.
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