How do I cancel my subscription?

Do you need to cancel your subscription? Here's how:

Android Users:

The subscription must be cancelled through your Google Play account by clicking here or instructions can be found by visiting this link:

If for some reason you're unable to cancel, here's what your next steps should be! Contact us at and send us a screenshot of the full emailed receipt from the Google Play store. This screenshot should include all of the following: - GPA, Date/Time, Items ordered, Price, and the Renewal Date.

iOS Users: 

The subscription must be cancelled through your iTunes account by clicking here or instructions can be found by visiting this link

Unfortunately, since we do not have access into Apple's system, we are unable to cancel the Apple based subscription for you. If you're having trouble doing so, here's where you can contact the Apple Support Team for more help!

Web App Users:

If you've made a purchase directly from the Burner website, your subscription can be cancelled at Simply login using your main cell phone number, then you should see the cancellation link in your subscription Details section, around the middle of the page. Click on that and follow the prompts for cancellation.

I'm not sure what type of subscription I have? 

If you're unable to cancel or don't know what type of subscription you're on, just contact us at and provide your main cell phone number! We'll be able to direct you on which route to take once we see your account. 

Can't find the information you're looking for? Take less than 1 minute to fill out this form and let us know what's missing! Once submitted, we'll make sure to get it updated in under 24 hours!

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