Can I have multiple numbers?

Having multiple numbers is possible and one of the best reasons to use Burner. You can have a maximum number of 200 active Burners at a time. The maximum amount of Auto-Renewing Burners you can have is 3, but you can always create additional Prepaid Burners as needed.

  1. Simply open Burner, tap the three horizontal lines in the top left corner to open the main menu, then tap 'Create Burner.' 
  2. Then, depending on your credits, you may select one of the six types of Burners. As long as you have enough credits, you can buy as many additional Prepaid Burner numbers as you'd like.
  3. And if you need more credits, then you can either go back to the main menu and tap 'Add Credits' which will open the credits purchase page, or you can tap on the number of credits that are necessary to buy the Burner you'd like. This will give you an option to 'Buy more credits' which will take you to the credits purchase page where you can choose how many credits you want to buy. For more information on how to buy credits, check out our Using Credits article.

Right now, you can only have up to 3 Auto-Renewing Burner numbers. To buy a Subscription, just tap the three horizontal lines in the top left corner to open the main menu. Then tap 'Upgrade' in the top right corner and follow the prompts through to buy a subscription.

To upgrade your current 1 line subscription to a 3 line subscription, check out our article on Managing a Subscription.

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