Why can't I hear my voicemails?

If you're having issues hearing your voicemail, it might be your Burner settings or your device settings, but it could also be related to your data connection.

  1. First, turn the volume all the way up on your phone. When you press 'play' on the voicemail, you should be able to see a small headset icon to the right of the voicemail message. Tap on that headset icon to play the voicemail on speaker.
  2. You can also try plugging in earbuds or headphones into your phone to get a more direct sound. If neither of these work, it's possible that you got 'pocket dialed' and the caller didn't leave a message.
  3. If you see the voicemail but are still unable to hear voicemails, it might be related to your data connection and whether or not the voicemail is "downloaded" on the client.
    • If the app is having a hard time getting connected, the voicemail will not be fully downloaded and cannot be accessed to listen to. Try toggling on and off airplane mode for your device to reset your data connection, and if you aren't already on a Wi-Fi connection, connecting to Wi-Fi could do the trick.

If you're still having issues after trying all of this out, send us a note telling us your account number, describing your issue and all the troubleshooting you've done on your end at support@burnerapp.com
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