Burner for Chrome

Ever wanted to easily access your Burner number on the web? Now you can with Burner for Chrome

Using Burner for Chrome, you can auto-fill your Burner number or your personal number by clicking on the Burner icon within the phone number field.


You can also right click to paste your Burner number if you do not see the Burner logo icon pop up in the form.

To set up the Chrome extension, go to the Chrome web store and tap Add to Chrome and then Add extension.

Once you've added the extension, make sure to log into your Burner account by entering your account number and verification code. If you have multiple Burner numbers, you'll be able to select your Default Burner which will automatically populate. You can change your Default Burner at anytime.

Keep in mind the extension can only be used by customers who have active Burners! If you don't have a Burner number, you can always create a Burner

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