How do I delete my account or change the phone number it’s registered on?

Request a deletion of your account:

  1. Burn all your numbers and delete the app
  2. Send us an email at with your account phone number. Once we confirm it's yours, we'll queue it up for deletion

Request a phone number change:

If you've changed your phone number recently and want to have access to your Burner account, simply send us an email at with the following info:

  1. Old number
  2. New number
  3. A screenshot of your most recent purchase receipt on your old account (as proof of ownership) with the date, time, item(s) purchased and confirmation that it was a Burner purchase.

We cannot accept copy/pastes of the receipt information, it does need to be a screenshot of the receipt, it cannot be a screenshot from inside the app of your credit count or Burners.

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