Why are the credits I purchased not showing up?

Some users have experienced an issue in which credits are purchased, but they are not reflected in your credit total in the app. The following will help you troubleshoot this issue and redeem your credits.
  1. Check to make sure you are running the most recent version of the app. To do this, tap the three horizontal lines in the top left corner of the inbox to open the main menu. Then look at the bottom of the man menu below your account number to see which version of the app you're running. A lot of the time running an older version of Burner is the cause of this error. 
  2. Try deleting and reinstalling the app to reset the Burner app. You can find instructions on how to delete and reinstall the app in our 'How do I delete and reinstall the Burner app' article.
  3. If you still do not see your credits please use the contact form to contact our Support team. If available, please include a screenshot of your most recent credits receipt showing the date/time, the item(s) purchased and confirmation that it was a Burner purchase so we can process your request as quickly as possible!