Change Background Color or Image

Setting the background color or image can be done for fun, or used as a helpful differentiator between your Burner numbers (especially if you have multiple Burners for different uses).

Here's how to change the background color or image of a Burner:


First, navigate to Appearance from the Inbox (the home screen) by:
  1. Tapping the gear icon for your Burner in the bottom right to open your Burner's settings
  2. Scrolling down to the "CORE SETTINGS" section and then tapping on Appearance (iOS) or Background Color (Android)


For iOS devices, you have the option to change either the Background Color or the Background Image. (On Android devices, you can only change the background color.)

Tap on the color you'd like for your Burner's background and it will automatically save.


To select a Background Image on an iOS device:
  1. Tap Edit
  2. Choose the image from your device's Photos app


As soon as you choose the background image or background color for your Burner number, exit the Settings screen to see the results: