Inbound Caller ID

Burner protects your phone number by rerouting incoming calls through the Burner, without revealing your personal number.

As a result, by default, when someone calls your Burner, it looks like your Burner number is calling you.

So if your Burner line is (555) 666-77777 and your buddy calls that number, it will look like you're receiving a call from your own Burner, (555) 666-7777. Many people save this number into their phone and name it something like, "My Burner" or "Work number" or "Tinder."

Our app gives you the option to alter this behavior, and show the incoming caller's number instead of your Burner number when you receive a call. You can set this on a line-by-line basis in the app.

Switching the Inbound Caller ID

To switch Inbound Caller ID, tap the gear icon at the bottom of the home screen, then look for the Inbound Caller ID setting:


And then choose between these two options to show for inbound calls:

  1. Your Burner number
  2. The Caller's number

Note about Inbound Caller ID with in-app calling: If you're using in-app calling (VoIP), you cannot change the Inbound Caller ID. This option will be grayed out (inactive) if you have in-app calling enabled. Learn more about in-app calling here.