VoIP and In-App Calling

VoIP, or in-app calling, is the ability for your Burner calls to run through the Burner app, via a data/internet connection. This setting is per Burner, so if you have more than one Burner that you want to run on in-app calling, you'll have to change each setting individually. Here's how: 

1. On the main screen of the Burner app, tap the gear wheel at the bottom of the page. If you have more than one Burner, choose the Burner who's settings you want to alter. 

2. Tap the 3 dots on the top of the settings page. Scroll down to the setting that says 'VoIP Calling'. Slide the option to the 'On' Position. 

VoIP is now effectively turned on. When you call out, or receive calls, they will all go be handled inside the app until you turn off the VoIP feature. 

A notification will be sent to your phone, which you can tap to take you back to the Burner app to accept the call. If you are in the app, it will show an icon letting you know who is calling, the Burner it is calling, and the icon to show if it is on VoIP or regular calling. 

If your data/Wifi connection is poor or lost, the call will fail, but you can toggle back and forth between your carrier connection and VoIP, depending on your connection situation.