What are Connections?

Connections are integrations with common services and apps that allow our members to add advanced functionality to their Burner numbers. Right now, we have six Connections:

  1. Evernote: Allows you to use a note from your Evernote account to set up an interactive text auto-responder.
  2. DeveloperOpens up a whole new world of Connections at your fingertips by enabling incoming and outgoing webhooks. Now you can build on Burner!
  3. Dropbox: Lets you automatically save voicemails and picture messages to a Dropbox folder.
  4. Slack: Enables Slack teams to communicate to customers or non-Slack users by connecting a Burner number to a Slack channel.
  5. SoundCloud: Automatically syncs your voicemails to a SoundCloud account, where they can be easily shared, accessed, or commented on.
  6. Google Drive: Backup your Contacts and text messages to a Google Sheet, and picture messages and voicemails to Google Drive.
  7. Nomorobo: Automatically filters out robocalls, spam calls and telemarketers on all your Burner lines.

Give these a try and let us know what you think! We're confident that you'll like them just as much as we do, and can't wait to hear your thoughts.