How do I call out? It looks like I'm dialing my Burner!

Not to worry, that is actually normal behavior!  

Your Account Number will be your main cell phone number. That's also where your Burner will forward your calls. We act as the middle man, so when someone calls your Burner, the Burner forwards the call to your main cell number. It'll look like your Burner is calling you. Likewise, when you call someone else, your Account Number calls your Burner, and your Burner calls the other contact.

Among other security measures, this background process is how we protect your number.

You'll need your cellular data to be turned on, but Wi-Fi works too. Burner forwards to your main cell by default, so if you're not on Wi-Fi and cellular data is off, your main line won't run and you won't get any calls.

To call out from inside the app: 
  1. Tap the phone icon on the bottom of the main screen to bring up the dialer.
  2. Select which burner line you'd like to call from if you have multiple Burners.
  3. Type in the contact number, or add a contact from your contacts list by tapping the + icon.
  4. Tap the phone icon in the dialer to initiate the call.
If you see any error message or it doesn't connect, be sure you have a ten digit US/CA number inputted properly (we don't currently support international calls) and be sure your Burner number is not blocked on your device.