Why am I not able to make or receive calls?

There are various things that can cause issues with calling and texting. First, check the "Known Issues" section of our FAQs and see if your specific issue is there. The rest of the issues can be resolved through the steps you see here:

1. First check your Burner's details. To get there, tap the gear icon for your Burner and then double check the top right corner to make sure you're not out of minutes or texts. If you are out of minutes or texts, then you can apply an extension to your Burner by tapping 'Extend' underneath the name of the Burner.

2. If you have minutes/texts or are on an unlimited plan, try force quitting the app and reopening it a couple of minutes later. Here's how:
  • iPhone: double press the home button of your iPhone, find Burner, and swipe it away. 
  • Android: Differs based on device, but most newer phones have a square button that brings up all open apps, and you can close Burner by swiping away.
3. If that doesn't work, delete and reinstall the app to reset it. This will not affect your Burners or credits. Make sure you log in with the same phone number you were logged in with before.

If none of these options work, shoot us an email at support@burnerapp.com. Make sure you include the following details: Account Number, Burner number, whether the issue is with your calls or texts, and whether it's inbound or outbound.