Why does it say my number is disconnected?

If you receive a "disconnected" message on an outbound call when using Burner, it's because your cell phone line is showing up as "Restricted/Anonymous." We have several service providers and recently a policy was changed regarding blocked calls. Unfortunately, your Burners won't activate unless your caller ID block is lifted. 

Though you should still be able to receive/send texts and receive inbound calls, you'll need to adjust your settings for this before making a call. 

iOS: Settings > Phone > Show My Caller ID > On
Android: varies with each device

If adjusting the settings on your phone is ineffective, you'll need to contact your carrier to lift the block on your caller ID so that Burner can work.

If someone who is making an inbound call to your Burner receives a "disconnected" message, it may be an issue with that person's carrier, or you may have run out of minutes on your burner. Please message us here with your account number so we can investigate for you.