New settings for SMS and minutes

Before our most recent update, your SMS and minutes were connected. Meaning that using your texts would reduce your minutes as well (at a ratio of 3:1). This was because we didn't want you to end up in a situation where you used up all your texts and ended up with a burner that can just make calls, or vice versa.

We received a lot of feedback from users who were unhappy with this system, and so the brand new version of burner no longer has the two values connected. Your texts and minutes go down independently. What this also means is that you actually have way more of each for the same low price! Before this, you would get a Mini Burner with 20 minutes / 60 texts, and using 10 minutes and 30 texts would run it out. Now you can use both the 20 minutes AND the 60 texts, which means your Burner has literally DOUBLE the potential.

minutes and texts for a Burner

We hope you like this new addition! Let us know if you have any more feedback on it.