How to use "Intents"

Intents are a big part of the Android experience and allow you to select which action you would like to use to complete with which app. For example, if you want to call a number you got through the Maps app, you can choose whether to make that call through your main phone app or through Burner. 

Some actions and apps will already have this option enabled for Burner, but for others you need to make some changes. First tap the three dots button in the top right corder of the main Burner page. Then choose the "Settings" option and make sure the box is checked. This will take care of all the other cases.

Sometimes you won't see the Burner option despite the previous step. This is because you have previously chosen another app as the default app to use for such a scenario, and so you phone skips over the Intent window. To disable this, go to your Applications Manager and find the app that you had set as default. Tap the "Clear Permissions" button and it will no longer be the default option for any Intent situations.