Rings and Notifications

How to change your rings and notification settings in Burner.

Rings and Notifications Settings

  1. Choose a Burner on the home screen
  2. Tap the gear icon in the bottom right to get to the Settings screen.
  3. Toggle rings and notifications on or off by using the toggles you see here under CORE SETTINGS:


Device Overrides

In your phone's general settings, there are more notification settings that define how notifications will show up on your device—as a drop down, full screen, or not at all. Please note that general settings on your device override Burner's in-app settings. If you have your general notifications turned off on your device, Burner's notifications will follow suit.

Changing Sounds

You can not currently change sounds of ringers or notifications from within the Burner app. However, you can save each of your Burner numbers to your phone's contacts, and change the ringtone for that contact if you wish to customize the ringer.