How to Save Burner Number to Contacts

When you receive a call on your Burner number, you will receive a call to your regular number from your Burner. Saving your Burner number as a contact can help you recognize the incoming call coming from your Burner in case you don't have it memorized!

If you want to save a Burner number to your contacts open Burner and select the Burner number you want to add to your contacts from “Your Burners.”

The next screen shows you your number, history, and personal data for that Burner (i.e minute, texts, expiration date, etc.). At the bottom of this screen is a black bar. Tap the last icon, the “More Options” icon, and a list will show up. The last item on the list is “Add to Contacts.”

From there you are sent to the “Add Contact” page. Here you can rename your Burner if you’d like and add it to your contacts by pressing “Add Contact” at the bottom of the page.

Your Burner is now saved to your phone’s contacts!