Known Issues

Known Issues

We are committed to quality at Burner. We are continuously improving the app and as we hear your feedback or identify issues, we prioritize getting them fixed. In the meantime, this page tracks our current known issues. It is updated with each new release. To report an issue not already listed here, email

1. Text-only Burners show an expiration banner that they are low on minutes (Android)

We are aware of this issue and are actively working to resolve it.

2. In-app calling not always able to connect calls (Android)

Customers on Android are not always able to connect calls when using in-app calling (VoIP.)

We're actively working on this issue. In the meantime, please turn off in-app calling if you're having trouble. Calls will then connect normally through your carrier's cell network.

3. Older text messages take a long time to load, or don't load (iOS)

On iOS, sometimes older messages take a long time to load, or don't load at all.

Workaround: Scrolling down the bottom may work to load old messages. Starting a new conversation with the contact you're looking for should also show the conversation history.

4. Making calls with voiceover assistance (iOS)

On iOS, when using Voiceover assistive technology to open the dialer to make a call, the app will not announce contacts, carrier control, dial button or close button.

We're working to fix this ASAP.

Workaround: If desired, create temporary custom labels for the dialer. Top left is the close button. Top right is carrier controls (if you have in-app calling feature) and then add a contact. The middle of the screen is the number display and the dialpad. Bottom of the screen is three buttons: ABC letter switcher for the dial pad, dial button and back button to remove a number.

5. SoundCloud won't authorize (both iOS and Android)

We are aware of this issue and are actively working to resolve it.

6. Evernote hijacks auto-reply functionality (Android)

If you try to turn on auto-reply while running the Evernote Connection, the app doesn't let you know that you can't use both. Evernote takes over the auto-reply functionality so you can only use one at a time.

We're working on implementing better messaging to make this more clear.

Workaround: You can either use Evernote or the default auto-reply feature, not both.

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