Mobile App FAQs

Mobile App FAQs

Why does my inbox say I have no active Burners?

Occasionally, accounts with active Burners will display a “No Active Burners” message. This can happen for several reasons, the most common of which is due to a loss in connectivity on your phone.

What to do?

1. Make sure that you have an active network connection on your phone.

Please note: Sometimes your phone will try to connect with an inactive or password protected WiFi connection in the background. When this happens, Burner will try to connect over this inactive network instead of your regular phone service

2. Restart Burner by deleting and reinstalling the app. 
  • If you're on an iOS device: You can shut Burner down by clicking your home key to open the main page of your iPhone. Then hold the Burner icon until all your icons begin to wiggle, and click the "x" sign on the Burner icon to delete the app. Once this process is completed, reinstall the app from the App Store.
  • If you're on Android: You can shut down Burner by open the main page of your device and holding the Burner icon until all you see a menu option to "Uninstall," or you might be able to drag the Burner icon towards an "Uninstall" part of your device (usually near the top of your device's screen.) Then turn your device fully off, give it a few minutes and then turn it back on. Once your device is back on, reinstall the Burner app from the Play Store. Note: The Android version of the Burner app will not fully reset unless you turn your phone off after deleting the app.
If you are still seeing the message, use the contact form to send us your information so we can look into your account.

How do I reinstall the Burner app?

Occasionally things can go wrong with files in the app, causing a variety of issues. When this happens, simply reinstalling Burner will often solve any problems. But what happens to your data and history?

When you re-install:
  • You will not be required to repurchase our app
  • You will be required to re-verify your phone number
  • All your active Burners and your history will be restored
If you're missing any Burners or your history when you reinstall the app, just send us a email at including your account number.

Why can't I hear my voicemails?

There is a known issue where some users have reported not being able to hear voicemails. It relates to the data connection you have and whether or not the voicemail is "downloaded" on the client.

If the app is having a hard time getting connected, the voicemail will not be fully downloaded and cannot be accessed to listen to. Try toggling on and off airplane mode for your device to reset your data connection, and if you aren't already on a Wi-Fi connection, connecting to Wi-Fi could do the trick.

If you're still having issues after trying all of this out, send us a note telling us your Account Number, describing your issue and all the troubleshooting you've done on your end at

Can I have multiple numbers?

Having multiple numbers is possible and one of the best reasons to use Burner. You can have a maximum number of 200 active Burners at a time. The maximum amount of Auto-Renewing Burners you can have is 3, but you can always create additional Prepaid Burners as needed.

  1. Simply open Burner, tap the three horizontal lines in the top left corner to open the main menu, then tap 'Create Burner.' 
  2. Then, depending on your credits, you may select one of the six types of Burners. As long as you have enough credits, you can buy as many additional Prepaid Burner numbers as you'd like.
  3. And if you need more credits, then you can either go back to the main menu and tap 'Add Credits' which will open the credits purchase page, or you can tap on the number of credits that are necessary to buy the Burner you'd like. This will give you an option to 'Buy more credits' which will take you to the credits purchase page where you can choose how many credits you want to buy. For more information on how to buy credits, check out our Using Credits article.

Right now, you can only have up to 3 Auto-Renewing Burner numbers. To buy a Subscription, just tap the three horizontal lines in the top left corner to open the main menu. Then tap 'Upgrade' in the top right corner and follow the prompts through to buy a subscription.

To upgrade your current 1 line subscription to a 3 line subscription, check out our article on Managing a Subscription.

How do I delete my account or change the phone number it’s registered on?

Request a deletion of your account:

  1. Burn all your numbers and delete the app
  2. Send us an email at with your account phone number. Once we confirm it's yours, we'll queue it up for deletion

Request a phone number change:
If you've changed your phone number recently and want to have access to your Burner account, simply send us an email at with the following info:

  1. Old number
  2. New number
  3. A screenshot of your most recent purchase receipt on your old account (as proof of ownership) with the date, time, item(s) purchased and confirmation that it was a Burner purchase

We cannot accept copy/pastes of the receipt information, it does need to be a screenshot of the receipt, it cannot be a screenshot from inside the app of your credit count or Burners.

How do I use the app?

We have lots of walkthroughs in our Support articles that will give you step-by-step guides on how to perform the core functions of the app including calling, texting, creating Burners, and more.

How Burner Works:

Creating a Burner:


Text Messaging (SMS and MMS):


Burning and Expirations:

Plans and Pricing:

What are Connections?

Connections are integrations with common services and apps that allow our members to add advanced functionality to their Burner numbers. Right now, we have seven Connections:
  1. Evernote: Allows you to use a note from your Evernote account to set up an interactive text auto-responder.
  2. Developer: Opens up a whole new world of Connections at your fingertips by enabling incoming and outgoing webhooks. Now you can build on Burner!
  3. Dropbox: Lets you automatically save voicemails and picture messages to a Dropbox folder.
  4. Slack: Enables Slack teams to communicate to customers or non-Slack users by connecting a Burner number to a Slack channel.
  5. SoundCloud: Automatically syncs your voicemails to a SoundCloud account, where they can be easily shared, accessed, or commented on.
  6. Google Drive: Backup your Contacts and text messages to a Google Sheet, and picture messages and voicemails to Google Drive.
  7. Nomorobo: Automatically filters out robocalls, spam calls and telemarketers on all your Burner lines.
We'll be making more of these in the near future, but in the meantime give these a try and let us know what you think! We're confident that you'll like them just as much as we do, and can't wait to hear your thoughts.

I am experiencing a glitch, crash, or other unusual behavior

First, check the "Known Issues" section of our FAQs and see if your specific issue is there. The rest of the issues can be resolved through the steps you see here:

1. First and foremost: try force quitting the app and reopening it a couple of minutes later. Here's how:
      a)  iPhone: double press the home button of your iPhone, find Burner, and swipe it away. 
      b)  Android: Defers based on device, but most newer phones have a square button that brings up all open apps, and you can close Burner by swiping away.

2. If that doesn't work, delete and reinstall the app. This will not affect your Burners or credits. Make sure you log in with the same phone number you were logged in with before.

3. If neither of these work, shoot us an email at Make sure you include any error message you're seeing, or a screenshot of the issue for a faster response.
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