Texting FAQs

Texting FAQs

Why can't I send or receive texts?

There are various things that can cause issues with texting. First thing to do is check the Known Issues section of our FAQ's and see if your specific issue is there. The rest of the issues can be resolved through the steps you see here:   
1. First and foremost: try force quitting the app and reopening it a couple of minutes later. Here's how:
  • iPhone: double press the home button of your iPhone, find Burner, and swipe it away. 
  • Android: Differs based on device, but most newer phones have a square button that brings up all open apps, and you can close Burner by swiping away.
2. If that doesn't work, delete and reinstall the app. This will not affect your Burners or credits, it just resets the app. Make sure you log in with the same phone number you were logged in with before. 
3. If neither of these work, shoot us an email at support@burnerapp.com. Make sure you include the following details: Account phone number, Burner number, whether the issue is with your calls or texts, and whether it's inbound or outbound. 

How do I send a picture or gif?

We are happy to be able to offer our customers picture messaging capability, but this feature is a function of specific phone numbers and their capabilities within the phone system. 

In order to get started, simply create a "Picture Burner" using the same process as creating any other Burner. When you go to send a text with this new Burner, you'll see a camera icon next to the text box where you can take new pictures or attach existing ones. You can also receive pictures on this Burner.

You can also get picture messaging capability by buying a subscription and upgrading your Burner to an auto-renewing Burner. To upgrade, just follow the steps laid out here.

How do I send a video?

We don't currently support sending or receiving videos over MMS. But this is a feature we're looking into for the future!

How can I tell if I have enough texts?

If you have a Prepaid Burner, then you can check how many texts you have by tapping the gear icon for your Burner, then checking the top right corner. Underneath your Burner's name you'll see how many texts and minutes you have left on your Burner! If you've run out of texts, then you'll need to purchase an extension. You can tap 'Extend' o the Settings page and choose which extension you'd like for your Burner number.

If you have an Auto-Renewing Burner that is attached to your subscription, then you'll see that you have 'Unlimited Texts & Mins' in the top right corner of your Burner's Settings page.

How can I tell if my text message was sent?

When you send an outbound text message from your Burner, the message will initially look like it's a little greyed out while the message is being sent. After a text is successfully sent out, the background color of the message will deepen or darken.

How do I stop people from text messaging me?

If you're getting unwanted texts and calls, you can always block the phone numbers who are contacting you. Just follow the steps below:

  1. From the main menu (three horizontal lines at the top left of the screen), go to Contacts
  2. Select the Burner the person is calling
  3. Select the contact for the person calling, then click Edit
  4. At the bottom of the edit page, you'll see Block, select that
  5. After selecting the block feature, it will prompt you to be sure you really want to block them. Confirm this

You can also block a contact by swiping to delete an event made by that contact in your inbox, then tap  Delete and Block.

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