Authorized Apps and 3rd Party Integrations

Authorized Apps and 3rd Party Integrations

Occasionally, you may find it useful to authorize other apps and third party integrations to work with with Burner.

This can enable you to accomplish complex tasks that integrate two or more systems.

Please keep in mind that this advanced functionality depends on these two complex systems working in harmony. 


Zapier allows you to trigger actions in other apps. Zapier call these "Zaps."

For example, you can create a push button in Zapier that turns your Burner's ringer on or off via a mouse click in your browser.

Or you can hook Burner up to a Google Sheet for a variety of automations.

You can make simple Zaps or complex ones—don't be afraid to be creative! Visit Burner in the Zapbook, or follow these steps to get started.


IFTTT allows you to trigger actions in other apps you use. IFTTT calls these "Recipes." For example, you could create a Recipe that turns on your Phillips Hue lights when you get a new text message from Burner.

You can make simple or complex IFTTT Recipes, only triggering an action when you get a text from a certain number, for instance.

Follow these steps to set up Burner with IFTTT.


Put your vacation rental on autopilot with a Burner line tailored for Airbnb hosts.

Hostbot walks you through the setup of a text auto-responder that automates SMS replies to frequently asked questions from your guests.

More information on Hostbot is available at

To set up Hostbot and get started right now, visit


LobbyPhone is an SMS bot you can text to get a short list of your representatives and their phone numbers. It’s a great, fast way to get in touch with your national and state representatives. It takes just a couple minutes and doesn’t require an internet connection. Try LobbyPhone by texting (520) 200-2223 with your zip code or postal address.

Read more on our blog: Calling for Change: Meet John Emerson, the Creator of LobbyPhone.

Visit to get started.

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