The SoundCloud Connection automatically posts voicemails received on your Burner to your SoundCloud account. Here's an example of how you would use it:

SoundCloud Connection

Let's say you're a musician who wants to engage with her fans better. So you set up a contest where you give out a Burner number and ask them to call in and leave a voicemail singing their favorite part of their favorite song.

Instead of just having them all pile up in your inbox, you can have everything get automatically posted to SoundCloud where other fans can listen to the audio clips, comment on them, share them, and get you a ton more exposure.

All of this is as simple as three easy steps:

  1. Connect your Burner number to your SoundCloud account and give the number out to your fans.
  2. Choose whether you want all voicemails to get synced automatically or not, and whether you want them posted publicly or privately.
  3. Sit back and watch the awesome audio tracks pile up in your account.

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