The Slack connection lets people easily communicate with your Slack team via a phone number, without having a Slack account of their own! Brilliant, right? Here's how it works:

Let's say your company has a Slack channel dedicated to handling shipments and delivery of inventory. Your team members are on that channel all day, and it's their primary source for reaching everyone quickly and painlessly (that's how it is at Burner HQ). Now, what if for a day or two, you have a couple of extra people outside your office helping you out, or an additional delivery person will be working with you today? You might not want to make them create a Slack account, download the app, join your team, and learn the system just for that day. If you connect a Burner number to Slack, you can allow everyone on your Slack team to communicate with that person via a phone number.

Here's how to set it up:

1. Create a Burner number and connect it to your Slack account (from your Burner's settings page).
2. Pick a channel or use the default #burner channel we create for you.
3. Give out the Burner number to whoever you want to communicate with your Slack team.

4. When they text that number, the Burner Bot will post a message to the Slack channel - specifying the number it came from - with the contents of their text message.

5. You can respond back to any of those numbers in a few different ways:
    - use the command /burner [phone number to text with format +13334445555] [message to send]
    - use the command /burner last [message to send]
    - use the command /burner [last 4 digits of phone number] [message to send]

Note: You can only use the last, [last 4 digits] commands if there has been at least one person who has texted your number.

You can also have multiple Burners attached to a channel so that inbound can come from multiple places. On the outbound though, it's always going to show the most recent Burner connected as the outbound sender. Even if someone messages a specific Burner, the outbound response from Slack is going to be the most recent Burner number connected. If you delete or disconnect the most recent Burner, you would have to refresh one of the previous connections in order to get it to see a Burner for outbound again. 

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