The Evernote connection is a really easy way for people to be able to get information they need by texting your Burner number. Let's run through a little example to make that more clear:

Let's say you're a small business owner and a lot of your customers ask you about the same things, like your hours of operation, address, inventory, etc. Instead of having to respond back to them every time, you can use the Evernote connection and Burner's auto-reply feature to let them get that info on their own. Here's how:

Evernote Connection

  1. Create a note in Evernote, with each paragraph corresponding to one of those pieces of information (hours, address, etc.) in the format below:
  2. Connect your Burner number to your Evernote account, and then select the note you had set up for your business.
  3. Your customers can now text your Burner number with the word "Help", at which point they will be presented with the options listed in the note. They can then text back with the option of their choice and get details in response.
Want more detail? Go to https://burnerapp.com/evernote.
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