The Dropbox connection is both really simple and really useful. As you probably guessed, it's a quick way of automatically syncing photos and voicemails from your Burner number to your Dropbox account. 

Here's a little example of how it can get used:

Let's say you're a video editor / photographer, and you're tasked with making a video for a wedding. Given that everybody and their mom has a smartphone now and fancies themselves a photographer now, you need to get all the pictures taken by the guests as well, so you can include them in the final video. Normally, this would be a major hassle, but not with the Burner Dropbox connection! This is how you make this normally long and arduous process into 3 easy steps:

1. You connect your Burner number to your Dropbox account
2. Give your Burner number to the guests and tell them to simply text their favorite pictures to that number
3. Sit back and enjoy your work, while all inbound pictures get automatically synced to your Dropbox folder for the wedding

Want more detail? go to http://burnerapp.com/Dropbox
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