Call and Text Forwarding

Call and Text Forwarding

Burner makes it easy to forward calls and texts to another number.

Setting Up Call or Text Forwarding

To set up call or text forwarding, navigate to your Burner's Settings page (tap the gear icon at the bottom of the home screen), and scroll down until you see the Forwarding option. Keep in mind that we don't support forwarding to VoIP numbers!

Tap Forwarding, and you'll get the option to choose:

  • Which number to forward to
  • Turn call forwarding on/off
  • Turn text forwarding on/off

When you enter a new number to begin forwarding, you'll be asked to "Send verification" via call or text message. This is simply a verification code to ensure that you have proper access to forward to that number. Once the number is verified, forwarding can begin.

Using Call or Text Forwarding

Once the forwarding number is verified, it's up to you whether you want to use call forwarding, text forwarding, or both.

For the person receiving forwarded text messages, use this format to reply via text as the Burner number: "@9848 hey there, how can I help?" where 9848 is the last 4 digits of the Burner number being forwarded.

When using call/text forwarding, keep the following in mind:

  • You can only forward to verified US or Canadian phone numbers
  • All call/text events will continue to be logged in the Burner app
  • If the person who owns the forwarding number misses the call, they can't return the call from the Burner number
  • If the forwarded call is missed by the person who owns the forwarding number, the person calling will hear the forwarded number's voicemail, NOT the Burner voicemail, since it is outside of our system.
  • You CANNOT forward Burner numbers to other Burner numbers
  • You CANNOT forward to your main cell phone number
  • You CANNOT forward to VoIP numbers
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