Burn a Number

Burn a Number

To "Burn" your number, tap the flame icon at the bottom of the home screen of the Burner app.

If you're on the "All Recent" tab when you tap the flame icon, it will ask you to specify which line you want to Burn.

On iOS devices, press and hold the DELETE button until the Burner logo fills up all the way. You will then be presented with a confirmation message asking you if you're 100% sure you want to Burn the number.

On Android, you'll simply be presented with the modal. Tap "Burn!" to delete the number.

ATTENTION: You CANNOT reverse this. Once a number has been Burned, it's gone and the data CANNOT be recovered. Do not go through with this unless you are 100% certain you no longer want this number or any of its associated data or remaining minutes/texts. 
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