Each Burner number you create comes with its own voicemail inbox that is separate from your personal main cell phone number. 

Find and Listen to Voicemails

New voicemails that are left for you will appear in the Inbox or home screen of the Burner app!

If you have multiple Burners, your home screen will be organized into a dropdown menu at the top. From there, you'll be able to select which inbox you'd like to view. If you stay under All Numbers, voicemails will populate in the order that they were received. 

Tap the voicemail and you'll be taken to the message history for a specific contact.

From there, you can play your voicemails, delete them, or respond via text.

To hear a voicemail, tap the play button. If you'd like the voicemail to play on speakerphone, follow these steps:

For iOS: Tap "Speaker off." This will turn the speakerphone on and change the toggle so it reads as "Speaker on."

For Android: Tap the headphone icon. This will turn the speakerphone on and change the icon to a speakerphone. You'll also see the message "Speakerphone is on." 


Customize Your Voicemail Greetings

Each Burner has a voicemail greeting that can be customized. This is handy if you are out of town, moving locations, or if you need to provide details for an event-specific Burner.

Learn how to customize your voicemail greetings.

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