Burner is available for iPhone and Android devices, and calls work similarly to how they do on your device's smartphone.

Making a Call

Once you've installed the app, to make a call, simply tap the phone icon at the bottom of the screen.

If you've got more than one line, the app may prompt you to choose a line to make your call from.

You'll then be presented with the dialer, where you can enter the recipient's phone number.

Press the phone icon at the bottom of the screen to make a call. You can also make calls from the details page of a Contact in your address book. Learn more about Contacts.

Finally, you'll be presented with a prompt to explain the call forwarding privacy feature. 

Tap "Call" or the phone icon to connect.

Receiving a call

When you receive a call, the first difference to note is that it will look like your Burner number is calling you.

That's part of the mechanism that protects your privacy. In the case of the screenshots below, the Burner line receiving an incoming call is named "My New Burner".

If you have push notifications turned on, Burner will also tell you who's calling through a push notification. 

Then the incoming call screen will appear! When you answer an incoming call, you'll hear a voice prompt that says, "Press 1 to accept this call." This functionality acts as a barrier that prevents callers from hitting your personal number's voicemail.

Pressing 1 will put the call through (like it's your own personal receptionist robot!).

Carrier Network Calls vs. In-app Calling (VOIP)

Once an incoming or outgoing call is connected, the service will be transferred to your carrier network.

Making calls over your carrier network is the default option, and your carrier network determines the quality of the call.

You can also make calls over an internet connection using Wi-Fi and Burner's in-app calling feature. 

Learn more about in-app calling (VoIP).

How do calls from Burner show up on my phone bill?

It's important to note that calls made from Burner do count against your phone plan limits.

Learn more about how Burner shows up on your phone bill.

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