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Notification icon showing 2018

I read an answered from 2013 where a guy asked about notifications show in a app icons with a number at the top of the app (Apple) but you didn’t support that then. You support it now and I have had a #1 on my icon for the last 3 days. I read the new policies and agreed and then deleted them so it’s not that. I have no missed calls or texts. I have 1 filtered spam from the other app I have opened and viewed but it was there long before this issue. It’s driving me crazy. I don’t like icons and notifications showing so generally don’t use them for most apps. I do for yours as it is in a folder with call apps. Where is it coming from? It must be a glitch. Can you please get rid of it if I don’t have something I am missing please?? Any help is appreciated! Thank you,


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Hey Cheryl,

We just released a fix for this longstanding badge notifications bug, so make sure all your Notifications are on in your device and in the Burner app. If you're seeing a lot of unread messages in the icon, just pull down on your inbox, and tap the 'Mark all messages as read' option.

This will mark all your messages as read, even if they look read already, and should clear the count. If you don't want a badge count at all, you should be able to change that in your device settings under notifications.

Let us know if you need anything else!

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