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Does the Burner Chrome extension actually work?

tried to install the Chrome extension for burner, and after entering the code I had text to me, the circle just keeps going around like it is trying to connect but never does. I've tried many times and have seen numerous other posts that show the same problem. Can you confirm this extension actually works? or should I give up trying? Thanks. My ultimate need is to have a pop up on my PC that there is a new message on one of my burner numbers - since by default I have my alerts turned off on my phone.

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Thanks for the note!

We're having some issues currently with the extension, but the product team is aware of it and is looking into it.

I see you want notifications through it, but it wouldn't be able to provide that even if you could get it to finish the login process. It's for essentially copying/pasting your Burenr number into emails, checking to see what's still around, and basically just a way to have the number on hand in case you need to send it to someone so you don't have to worry about going in the app all the time.

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