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out going numbers

When calling a number using my burner account (the number listed on my phone display) is my burner number, when it should be the number I am dialing. Fir example, if I forgot who I just dialed, I would normally look at my display to see the number I just dialed, however, the burner number is there in its place. Can this be fixed for out going calls?

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Hi there,

That is actually normal behavior. The way our app works, the burner number that you set up acts as an intermediary between your number and the number you're calling, as a way to hide your true number. So when you make an outgoing call, it dials the burner, then gets automatically connected to the final destination. Similarly, when you receive a call on one of your burner numbers, it seems as if you're receiving a call from your burner. However, we do send you a push notification ahead of time that lets you know who is calling you. Please let me know if you have any further questions!

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