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Volume is now too low to hear caller as well as they can't hardly hear me either

I have a Nexus 6 with Marshmallow. I also have the paid version. I use to be able to hear the caller's voice clearly, and they could hear mine clearly as well, but now recently, I can barely hear them and they can barely hear me. My phone's volume is max'ed out. I've also look around for some sort of setting within the Burner app that might have become changed, but I can't see anything, besides, there are very few settings within the Burner app, so it must be something else. The app is pretty much now useless to me. Can you offer any advice towards helping me fix the problem?

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Hi there,

Thanks for reaching out!

The calls on Burner work with your main cell number, so once it gets onto your main cell's network we don't really have a way to troubleshoot since they're handling the call.

If you have in-app calling on, the quality would be determined by the data connection you're on, but you can also try toggling it off and seeing how the default flow works, then toggle it back on and see if resetting it helped.

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