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Is there a way to just have the burner icon pop up in my notifications bar, without the preview of the txt message i've received? That would be wonderful.

Basically i just want a notification that Burner has something for me and thats all. Ive looked through the OS notification settings (Android) and I havent found anything like this.

Also, adding the functionality to Burner where the screen turns off when you put the phone up to your face would be good also. Many times i've been talking on the phone and my ear, or face activates buttons, etc.

Thanks for a great product though!


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Burner Agent  
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Hi there,

Thanks for reaching out!

Burner doesn't have a hide feature, but I was under the impression that Android does and that it can be used with specific apps and notifications, not just your regular SMS function. Unfortuantely, since the settings can vary by device and OS, I am not sure where that would be except the general settings. Google would be super helpful here since you can input your exact device and OS info for a better answer.

I'll let the product team know what you're interested in for the screen settings and the app specific message preview shut off. Thanks for the feedback!

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