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Credits vs Premium

I'm trying to simply find a service that will allow me to have a second number for my phone. Does the Premium allow me to do that? I want to be able to use the number like I would my normal number.


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Burner Agent  
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Hi there,

Thanks for reaching out!

The credits based Burners are Burners that run on credits as opposed to the Subscriptions which is a monthly recurring payment through your app store.

The credits based Burners all come pre-loaded with a certain amount of texts/minutes/time, and you have to buy credits to apply as extensions if you'd like to keep them around. We have a few different types of Burners, so depending on what you need, they have different attributes and the amount of credits they cost can vary.

The Premium Line subscription applies a slot to your account that you can move a Burner into, and upgrade its attributes to Premium. These include unlimited calls/texts/picture messaging, with auto renewal. If you need to change the number on the Premium Line, you can burn the one you have attached, and start a new one on us, once per billing cycle. After that, a new line cost 8 credits to attach to the Premium Line.

You can technically get 2 attachments per billing cycle, you just have to be sure to have 0 Burners attached to your subscription when the billing cycle starts over. If there is a Burner attached when the new cycle starts, that Burner counts as your first attachment and you're left with one line swap.

It definitely sounds like the subscription is exactly what you're looking for, and will be the most like a second phone line with how it's billed and works. You can sign up for a subscription here:

Hope this was helpful, let us know if you need anything else!

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