Buying and Using Credits

Credits are used to create new Burners and extend existing Burners within the app.

Here's how to purchase credits:

  1. From inside the app, tap the three horizontal lines in the top left, which opens your Main Menu.
  2. Tap "Buy Credits" 
  3. Tap the blue dollar amount button to the right of the number of credits you wish to purchase. 
    1. Your app store may request that you login or confirm your password.
  4. A modal will appear asking you to confirm your purchase. Tap Cancel to exit, or Buy to purchase.
    1. On iOS it will read, "Confirm Your In-App Purchase. Do you want to buy one X credit pack for $X.XX?" 
    2. On Android it will read, "X credit Pack, Burner- Smart Phone $X.XX" 
  5. If your payment is successful, there will be another confirmation modal
    1. On iOS it will read, "You're all set. Your purchase was successful."
    2. On Android it will read, "Payment successful", then show, "Purchase complete. You purchased X credits and now have X credits total."
  6. If your payment is denied or there are any issues with your payment, you can reach out to your app store to update your payment information.