Community Questions

Can't restore purchase?

I purchased a 1 year subscription and had to change phones recently. I cannot find any option to restore my purchase. I don't want to pay a second time. Any idea what to do? Thanks

Cannot reinstall

After deleting app from iOS, the app keeps on asking me to try re-entering my phone number. Enter the number and then asks again!!!!

Anonymous Verification Impossible??

What is the point of this app if most websites don't allow you to use these numbers for verification of accounts? Isn't the entire purpose of this app for anonymity with the use of a phone? But so far...

Call Blocking

For some reason, when I block a number, while I no longer receive texts from that number it still allows calls to get through. Any reason why this is?

Security Encryption

Are the texts we send encrypted or in any way secure? Do you read our texts, listen to or ever record our phone calls? Can you see what we send? How long do you retain records of the numbers we dial?...