Community Questions

Text Log

How come the text log is so short anymore? I scroll up to see what someone text me and it's gone. Literally it's like 10 text and that's it, so if you're having a conversation and you miss s...

supported carrier

I tried to set up an account on Burner, and it says my carrier is not supported. How do I find a list of Burner's supported carriers?


Does your iOS Burner app work with VPN running in the background? This is an issue Ive encountered with other disposable phone number apps.

not getting verifiaction code

I'm not getting a verification code sent to me. Able to receive texts from everyone else. So no idea why I am not getting the Burner verification. I upgraded my phone on Nov 3 and I've been down...


How come numbers I block in Burner end up under "Unnamed" and not under "Blocked" in Contacts? This has happened a few times. What is "Unnamed"?

texts not coming through

Texts not coming thourhg. Some outbound are good, all inbound are not. Been going on since yesterday. I have tested it with my own number and sent several test texts that don't get through. But outbpun...