Community Questions


Hi I have the unlimited burner. What happens when I burn that number to my texts messages and saved contacts. Will all those be lost or can I still access them with a new burner

app is idling

My app is just idling...I had the app for months now and I have contacts that I really don't want to lose. I have a different number so uninstalling it is out of the there anything else I ca...

iOS contact sync problem

I am using iOS 11.3.1 on iPhone X and Burner app does not do contact sync properly with my iPhone. There are few key symptoms. 1. Burner cannot display the contact name for certain random numbers. It also sh...

Change subscription

Currently I hold the three line subscription and I no longer need the 3rd line but wish to keep the remaining two. Can I downgrade my subscription now ? Save money and still keep the same number for the remaini...

Call out from forwarded number

If I forward my Burner number to another phone (that does not have the Burner app installed), is there a way to make outgoing calls from the forwarded phone, using the Burner number?

New burner number

I have an auto renewing account I don’t want to cancel it but I want a new number if I burn it do I get to pick a different number or does it close my account