Community Questions

Local phone number

I am trying to create a burner for Craig’s list but the burner app gives me options of phone numbers that are no where near me. I live in Jefferson City Missouri

Import a Number from Sideline

With Sidelines egregious forced subscription service only and then outrageous pricing model, my number is on my business cards, can I output the number from Sideline over to Burner?

Web App for VOIP Calls?

I saw a post that said you guys offered a web app for VOIP on the site I signed up for a 7 day trial to try out this app. I logged into to but do not see a link for t...

Travel to Mexico

I will be traveling to Mexico soon - my primary phone has unlimited text and data and I also have wifi access - will Burner work there? Thanks!

different local number

How can I search for additional phone numbers, beyond the ones that show up in the initial search? The reason I'm asking is because the prefix that's showing up is for a County on the other side o...