Community Questions

area code

We are currently out of the area code 479. I need it for work since I service Walmart. What are the chances i can get that area code soon?

Voicemail Help!

I have two questions... 1.) What is the best way to make calls go directly to voicemail (the one in the app)? Do I need to just turn the ringer off or is there anything else? 2.) I tried another (paid!...

Google verification not working

Just finished suscribing for new number intended for google verification, but got "This number cannot be used for verification" from google. It seems I received a recycled number from you guys.

harassing text messages

I have tried reverse lookup and unable to come up with a name or anything to this number 816-607-4887. Have received very harassing text messages from this number

java.lang.illegalstate exception

I've suddenly started getting this error message and can't get it to go away. I've restarted 3 times and whent that didn't work I uninstalled and reinstalled, still nothing. It was working...

Verification code

Having issues today, app asked for verification code but when I input my number I received "Oops! We had a problem sending your verification code. Make sure your iPhone's international setting ar...

google drive connection

still cannot get this useless google drive app to function as advertised, and still cannot get a reply from support except "hmmm.. no one else is reporting problems" And yes, I've emailed you. ...

Anonymity of Device Ph#

Hi... when my phone (device) is connecting through the Burner app #s... is my device's phone # linked/associated/connected to the Burner app #s in any way? I like the Burner app and would like to keep my d...