Community Questions

Incoming call not ringing

Incoming calls going directly to voice mail. Not ringing. The missed call/ voice mail event shows up in the Burner list screen. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the app with no effect.

Really Slow Still

Confused as your site says the issues have been resolved and they are not. App was so slow that I had to finally reboot my Pixel 2 and even log out of the burner app, which now will not send me a verification ...

App not working

Burner has been nonresponsive since about 5 pm Central time so I uninstalled and reinstalled and now it will not verify my number.


Hi I have the unlimited burner. What happens when I burn that number to my texts messages and saved contacts. Will all those be lost or can I still access them with a new burner

app is idling

My app is just idling...I had the app for months now and I have contacts that I really don't want to lose. I have a different number so uninstalling it is out of the there anything else I ca...